The world of Bathroom toilet design has become huge. Toilets are no longer boring looking or being hidden in a corner. They’ve become another Bathroom Design feature. Selecting the correct toilet can be overwhelming so I decided to condense what I have learned in some easy steps to help others select the best toilet to meet their needs in way of functionality and Aesthetics.

1)    Color: White never goes out of style so it’s always a safe choice, keep in mind re-sale. Your color choice may not be to someone else’s  liking.

Also, other colors or graphics can be more expensive.

2)    Style: Do you want to convey a look that’s contemporary, traditional, casual or formal?  All these styles do not affect functionality.

3)   Toilet bowl shape:  Regarding the toilet bowls shape, you can choose an elongated shape or a round one. The round front tends to be two inches shorter, and works well for smaller spaces. The larger elongated front is more comfortable and sanitary, since there is less drip on the toilet.

4)   Size:  Toilets come in many different lengths, widths and heights .Be certain to measure the space available for the toilet to ensure a comfortable fit. Also, you must consider the rough-in space, which is how far the center of the toilet bowl is from the finished wall, since this limits the size of the toilet you can install.

 5)  Toilet trap way’s size: The trap way is the part of the toilet that water and waste exit. The minimum standard size is designed to accommodate waste of up to a 1 ½ inch diameter. The larger the trap way, the less likely clogging will be.

6).   The flushing systemGravity or pressure:

  • Gravity-fed toilets work the old-fashioned (and most reliable) way. Upon flushing, water goes from the tank into the bowl (by means of reliable gravity). When enough water builds up, the weight forces everything through the S-shaped trap way, at which point a siphoning action takes over and finishes the job.
  • Pressure-assist tanks are completely sealed and rest inside the toilet housing. When the tanks fill with water, the trapped air gets compressed. The pressure-assist results in a more efficient flush. A more efficient flush means that the water surface in the bowl can be larger. And a larger water surface means less frequent cleaning. The potential drawbacks are that pressure-assisted tanks are louder and sometimes tougher to repair than conventional gravity models.

7). Toilet Types: 1 or 2 piece toilets or Wall Mounted:

  • Typically, you will find the more inexpensive toilet to be the two piece toilet, with the bowl and tank being two separate connected pieces.
  • A one piece toilet connects five to six parts into one seamless looking piece. These have a bit more style to them (with a correspondingly more expensive price tag), and need less space and are easier to clean.

The wall mounted toilet Mounts to wall and eliminates need for toilet foot or base. The wall mount toilet cost more to purchase and install, is great for transfers from wheelchair or walker, requires thicker wall for mounting, drain for toilet must be on wall rather than floor and are easy to clean underneath

Two toilets are next to each other

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8) Toilet Seats: That’s correct, not all toilets come with a toilet seat!

Toilet seats do not  come in sizes, but they do come in two different shapes: round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats, each of which correspond to two different toilet bowl shapes. Round toilet seats are still the standard in most homes, and they’re the toilet seats you typically see most often. Elongated toilet seats are becoming more popular, and they have a long oval shape. Before you begin shopping for toilet seats, find out if you have a round or elongated toilet bowl so you can shop accordingly.

  • Pick a mount type. Decide whether you want a conventional bolt-and-nut mount or an integral bolt and nut. While they look better in the beginning, integral bolt-and-nut mounts can be very frustrating when they need to be removed, as the nut must be drilled out to remove the seat. Conventional bolt-and-nut mounts are easier to use and still the standard for most toilet seats.
  • Choose a material. Decide whether you want plastic, wood or a cushioned seat. Most toilet seats are made of high-impact plastic or a plastic coating over composite wood. Plastic seats are available in white, black and several pastel colors. Plastic toilet seats can be very cold in winter and also in summer when central air is running, and they are more likely to split and tend to show marks from cleaning. Natural wood is warmer, but it can be stained or damaged by many toilet bowl cleaners. Cushioned seats are nice and soft but tend to crack and split over time. If warmth is a big concern, consider buying a heated toilet seat.
  • Think about padding. Soft toilet seats are more comfortable for people recovering from surgery or childbirth, but they can make transfers to and from wheelchairs or shower benches more difficult. Firmer seats are better for transfers. Some people prefer soft toilet seats over the standard hard ones simply because they find padded toilet seats to be more comfortable and warmer than regular toilet seats.
  • Choose a style. Toilet seats are made in a wide array of styles, so whether your bathroom is sleek and modern or comfy and traditional, you can find the perfect seat for your toilet.

9). Maintenance features: Some toilets have features designed to make it easier to take care of them. For instance, Toto, an innovative Japanese manufacturer, has Sana Gloss, a ceramic glaze which prevents bacteria and mould build-up, making the toilet easy to clean. American Standard has its Easy Clean feature. The designers at Kohler have come up with an insulated liner that prevents moisture from condensation on the toilet tanks outside.

 10). Unique Luxury toilet features: High end toilets may come with heated     seats, warm air drying systems and built-in bidets, such as the Toto Washlets. Kohler Comfort Height toilets have a higher seat, making sitting down and standing easier.

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